Banish Misfortune


  1. Bugga Fee Hoosa/Girls Have You Seen George?/Toss The Feathers/The Fairy Dance
  2. Inis Oirr/Inishere
  3. The Cat's Meow
  4. Boys of the Lough/Jenny Picking Cockles/Julia Delaney
  5. Crested Hens
  6. Garret Barry's/Geese in the Bog/Banish Misfortune
  7. Carrickfergus/Sidhe Béag & Sidhe Mor
  8. Two North Highland Country Dances
  9. The Celtic Silk Road: The Camel's Hump/Sufi Melody/Purgatory Chasm
  10. Paddy on a Handcar/The Eel Pot/Lannigan's Ball
  11. Kilkenny Bridge
  12. Reel of Tulloch